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Even though it is true that the communication at the time of selling will make the company stand out, so will the wrong or incorrect way of showing services that is often issued to the consumer. In this article we will discuss and show the common mistakes that websites have so that you can be more attentive and critical when creating your website or reviewing the results delivered by your web developers. Web pages that help inform and sell are the focus of this article, as we previously said, because there are often several errors in the way the information is presented, some websites don’t achieve their objective. Every day we browse sites that often lack the consistency they should have to attract customers and more satisfactory visualizations. Sometimes, the page does not transmit the feeling that the brand wants and therefore the receiver gets tired or bored and you can end up losing them as potential customers. Sometimes we observe spaces that should not go, confusing formats, wrong fonts and long texts that do not communicate efficiently, tabs that are so confusing when selecting, headings where they should not exist, invisible data or difficulty searching in which the customer ends up lost in the page or with many steps to reach the desired result in a concise way. All the above are common mistakes that many web page developers make and ignore when delivering an effective page, in addition to these, we present the following four to keep in mind:
  • Making form fields look like regular texts without putting it as input fields. 
  • Not making the call-to-action buttons stand out and making them blend in with the rest of the text.
  • Making elements that are not buttons, look like buttons, confusing the customer by creating more reprocessing and making them spend more time to get certain information.
  • Hiding navigation links on desktop, not allowing the users to easily see what’s on the website.
Websites should have accurate information, short processes, basic but precise tabs and correct selection options so that the process carried out by the customer is so efficient that they will feel pleasant to visit the site and will do it more times than expected. In this link, we can see other common mistakes that you should always keep an eye for. In order to be more effective at the moment of having a web page, it is very important to define the details and common mistakes to avoid them, but also the concise details and keywords to improve the performance of the page, making easier and more fruitful all your visits, for reference purposes to achieve this you can visit the following link.

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