Join our free workshop on how to start your online business this 2023

On How to Start Your Online
Business this 2023

Hello! Need help launching your online business? Questioning where to start?

On How to Start Your Online
Business this 2023

Running an online business is hard, but starting one in the first place may be even harder. With it seeming like such a complicated task, some shy away from pursuing their business idea.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

You can get over that trepidation to begin your startup with the right knowledge! There are important practices to implement that will allow you to launch and structure your digital business with confidence. Remember, all successful businesses were once start ups aiming to achieve new goals!

Well, what are those practices!?

This February, Creative Pear Agency is hosting a FREE educational workshop that explores those multiple key practices that are imperatives for new businesses. CEO Mandre Lascurain will be leading 4 separate classes, each with valuable information on how to launch your business.

In these 4 classes, Mandre will be going over different topics that affect all businesses, particularly at their starting point. There are so many things to consider when beginning your start up, and the information in these classes will provide you with the tools needed to pursue your business dream.

The first class focuses on market analysis. Understanding your business is one thing, but understanding the market in which your business lies is another. There are many variables outside of your control that can influence your brand or affect your business, and understanding them all is critical. Knowing the context of your brand within the market and its status relative to competitors allows you to assess what you can do to improve your business and differentiate your brand.

Class number two involves one of more important things about launching a business, your budget. From innocuous tasks to resources for your marketing strategy, there are so many different variables that can affect your business’ budget. Understanding how to create a realistic budget and how to monitor all of these variables that can affect it is one of the most paramount things to consider when launching a business.

Budgeting for a marketing strategy doesn’t mean much without having a successful marketing strategy to budget for. In class three, Mandre explores the power of effective copy, creative distribution, and successful campaigns. Having the right strategy behind your marketing is really where customers are won and lost! This class shows how presenting the right copy to your audience in the right way can help convince them to choose you over your competition.

And last but most certainly not least, the fourth and final class, which focuses on optimization. A marketing strategy or a budget you set in motion at one point may not work at another. The finale in this workshop harps on how important it is to constantly review data, and in turn, adjust to what the data say. Sticking to one singular plan can allow your business to be stagnant, putting you a step behind your competition. Learn how to avoid that and allow your company continuous room for growth in this class.

Those 4 topics are discussed in depth in this FREE masterclass, and can absolutely give your business a new breath of life, or a strong first. Why take on such a task without valuable information, when you can do so for free!? It is by understanding these practices, you can take that leap of faith to create your new business with confidence and set in on the course for success.

Launching your business from scratch can be a daunting task, but understanding what you can do to make everything manageable is the difference maker. We would love for you to be a part of this masterclass, and learn how you can truly turn your business idea into a reality.

If participating in this workshop sounds interesting and you would like to learn more, please reach out to the leader of this digital business masterclass and CEO of Creative Pear Agency, Mandre Lascurain.

Summary/Teaser (Eventbrite)-

  • In this FREE workshop, you will learn how you can launch your business from scratch. From understanding where your brand fits in your market, to optimizing your performance for greatest success, this masterclass will help guide you through what you need to know to start your new business with confidence.
  • Join CEO of Creative Pair Agency Mandre Lascurain as she explores the key practices needed to successfully launch your business. In these 4 classes, you will have an understanding about what is required in beginning your startup, and how you can truly turn your business idea into a reality


  • Learn the key practices needed to successfully launch your business from scratch.
  • With these 4 classes, you can turn your business dream into a reality!

Per Phase-

Phase 1 - Market Analysis

  • Understand Your Market & Differentiate!
  • Learn How to Assess Your Brand Within Your Market!

Phase 3 - Start Creatives

  • Learn How to Present the Right Copy In the Right Way!
  • Develop the Perfect Marketing Strategy for Your Business!

Phase 2 - Outline Strategy & Budget

  • Create Your Budget With Confidence!
  • Create the Perfect Strategy for Your Budget!

Phase 4 - Start Creatives

  • Learn How to Review and Optimize Your Business!
  • Create a Plan to Continuously Set and Reach New Goals Over Time!

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